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My name is Alexis Scott. I’m from Southern Illinois and I have a wild house full of fur babies. Besides photography, I enjoy traveling the world with my high school sweetheart and I’m open to trying anything once. (Well, mostly anything. I’d like to think I have an open mind to everything.)

I have always enjoyed art in its various forms, but I never considered myself “artistic” by any means. I could never figure out how to recreate what I was envisioning in my head. This was very frustrating as I felt I had some great ideas, but could never bring them to life. I find it funny that photography turned out to be that one thing I ended up sticking with and really enjoying. Growing up I hated being in front of the camera; I even went as far to avoid them as much as possible. I guess the only way to truly hide from a camera is to be the one taking the shots.

The first time I ever delved into photography seriously was one snowy January day. I was a freshman in high school and it had just snowed the night before. Looking outside, I couldn’t help but admire hoe beautiful and white the snow looked. A girl who was a good friend of mine during this time was with me and I had an idea. Since my mom had recently purchased a nice camera (one which I had decided to borrow for the day), it only felt right to take some photos. It’s strange to think back on that day because I remember it so clear. Even though I always had trouble making my ideas reality, at that moment in time everything was vivid. I would have my friend wear a white lacy dress while holding a bouquet of white flowers. With her all dressed up, I’d have her stand out in the snow and take some pictures. We quickly went to work on what I had thought of and the photos I ended up taking turned out exactly as I had imagined. It was so satisfying seeing my work I’ll never forget what happened that day. That wonderful feeling when one can make their vision a reality makes every photograph I take worth it.

Even after that snowy day in January with my friend, despite the fact that I had achieved what I thought I never would, I chose not to pursue photography any further. Soon, I gave up and never thought about it. Years passed and yet photography would call out to me again one fateful spring day. I found myself with an idea, one I decided to make happen with the very camera I had used all those years ago. It was definitely the second (first would be marrying Jamesâ˜ș) best decision in my life. Photography has become very important to me because I never believed in my abilities growing up.

I see beauty in everyone and I want to share that beauty with the world.